Civil ceremony documents

The following documents are required to get married in Denmark. These allow us to have your civil ceremony and ensure its legality. We provide the Notice of Marriage form, while the rest are documents that you have or need to obtain. Danish authorities accept English, German and Danish documents. If your documents are not in any of these languages, you need to get them translated by an authorized translator.

Print, fill out, scan and send all documents to us. When you come to Denmark, you must bring the original documents. If you have any questions or problems regarding the process or documents – contact us.

Required documents

  • Notice of Marriage – English, Deutsch, Dansk
  • Passport or national identification card (also Schengen visa if you have such)
  • Birth certificates (only if available)
  • Civil/Marital status certificates – maximum 4 months from date of issue (check with us if you can’t obtain one from your country of residence)

Documents from some countries require further authorisation which we will be able to advise on.

(If you have been married before, you will also need to send a divorce or death certificate.)

Send your documents to We consider this a confirmation of your booking. Once we have checked the documents and ensured that everything is in order, we will proceed to forward the documents to the authorities. Cancellation of your wedding once we have submitted your documents, will incur a charge of € 200.

You must arrive no later than 3 pm the day before the wedding with your original documents.

See our FAQ or What to expect for more information and you may of course always contact us.