Civil ceremony questionsFrequently asked civil ceremony questions

  • What documents do I need to bring to Denmark?
    • Notice of Marriage – English, Deutsch, Dansk <– download here
    • Passport or national identification card (also Schengen visa if you have such)
    • Birth certificates
    • Civil/Marital status certificates

See our Documents page for the full description of documents for the civil ceremony

  • Why do we need to arrive the day before our wedding ceremony?

The official papers must be signed and turned over to the Danish authorities one day prior to your ceremony. The office closes at four o’clock, so meeting at three o’clock in the afternoon makes for a good margin of time.

  • In what language is the ceremony performed?

The ceremony may be performed in Danish or English, but translation services are available – please let us know your language requirements.

  • Is the church really safe?

Yes, there is no danger in entering the church, stepping onto the balcony or in the surrounding area. The church has been secured by professionals and approved by the Danish building authorities.

  • Do we need to bring witnesses?

No, Magical Weddings arrange for witnesses to validate the ceremony.

  • Can anyone get married in Denmark?

Yes, as long as you bring the right documents, anyone may get legally married in Denmark. You can get an apostille to legalize the wedding in your home country as well. Read about apostille here

  • Is the church open for tourists while we get married?

No, by special arrangement, Magical Weddings has been allowed to close the church to other visitors for the duration of each wedding ceremony.

  • Can we get married on the balcony?

Yes, you can and the view of the sea is stunning.

Yes, it is.

  • What is the capacity of the church?

120 guests

  • Can we have other music than violin music?

Yes, we can arrange for a guitarist or violinist for 200€.

  • Can we change names after the ceremony?

Yes, but you must contact the authorities in your own country.

  • How do we pay?

International bank transfer to our account in Denmark. See the information on our contact page.

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