Get married in Denmark

A magical civil wedding at Old Højerup church

The church ‘Old Højerup’ is the only one in the world to have a civil wedding ceremony. Tourists are traveling worldwide to experience the beautiful scenery and foreigners to get married in the charming 13th century church by the sea. The company Magical Weddings makes it possible and easy to tie the knot at one of Denmark’s most beautiful wedding locations.

Back in the 13th century Old Højerup Church was built of chalk ashlar. Back then it was in a safe distance from the cliff, which made sure that the old church did not get ruined by the Baltic. Back in 1928 the leaps proved insufficient and the choir of the church fell into the sea. The building has since been secured, and a balcony now stretches out into the open sea. The old church has a lot of history and stories to tell. One of the legends has it that in ancient times the king of the elves himself dwelt in a cave in the cliff beneath the church.

Now the company Magical Weddings are using the church for civil weddings and couples are traveling worldwide to have the wedding experience in the old historical building and the romantic scenery. Their magical weddings in Old Højerup church is the only place to have a civil ceremony in an old church


Get married in Denmark

Whether you are Danish or foreign, straight or gay, getting married in Denmark is possible. The Danish rules makes it easy for foreigners to have a civil wedding in Denmark, where other countries make it almost impossible to get married, and it affects people all over the world. In Denmark, the wedding between both same and different nationalities can be made without questions and with minimal paperwork compared to other countries. Therefore, a lot of foreigners finds their way to Denmark.

Grete Ahrensbach is the woman behind the initiative in Stevns. She started Magical Weddings to make it possible for couples to get married in the old church and give foreigners who travel to Denmark for a quick ceremony the wedding of their dreams in a church.

In Stevns the couples can enjoy the spectacular view across the Baltic Sea when saying ‘I do’ from the balcony at the church. The wedding day is a special occasion and Magical Weddings do what they can to satisfy the wishes of the happy couple. When tying the knot at one of Denmark’s most beautiful wedding locations everything is planned and taken care of.


The magical experience regardless of gender

A Magical Wedding is based on shared love, regardless of gender. In Denmark, same sex weddings were legalized back in 1989 and since then Denmark has become one of the easiest places in the world for gay couples of all nationalities to get married. At Magical Weddings, LGBT couples have the same possibility to get married in the old church. But according to Grete Ahrensbach it is important that they don’t just have to get married in Denmark at the register’s office, but can make their wedding a romantic and unforgettable day at one of Denmark’s most beautiful locations.

Magical Weddings provide every service that is needed to make the wedding day special. They have different wedding packages and offer many additional wedding services, which can be added to the packages. This means that the couple can enjoy the day completely without worrying.