Renew Your Vows

Enjoy the most romantic setting to celebrate years of marriage; renew your wedding vows at the top of Stevns Klint.

How long has it been since you said ‘I Do’ for the first time? No doubt much has happened since, and why not remind each other and your closest friends and family what it is you fell in love with? Renewing your wedding vows is a beautiful way of reaffirming your commitment to each other.

You can now renew your vows with Magical Weddings in Denmark’s most spectacular church setting; the 13th century Højerup Old Church which rests dramatically on the edge of the limestone cliffs of Stevns. And we can even arrange for you to be blessed by a Protestant minister.

We can arrange the event for just the two of you, or 100 guests and more, and in contract to a wedding, anyone can ‘host’ the ceremony – your best friends, the maid of honour or maybe one of your children. It’s completely up to you. And when it comes to the dress code, people wear anything from their original wedding outfits to something fresh, modern, relaxed or romantic.

Magical Weddings already arranges the vast majority of wedding ceremonies in the old church. We know the area well, and have unrivalled experience in creating the perfect, romantic event.

Let us help you plan the ideal vow renewal ceremony, and make another special memory for you and your loved ones. We will be with you from start to finish and make sure everything goes to plan – leaving you to celebrate every past day of your marriage, in a spectacular setting.

Contact us for a price and click here to read about the additional services you can book for the day you renew your vows.