Same Sex Marriages in Denmark

At Magical Weddings we believe that love should be shared and celebrated, regardless of gender. Same sex marriages became legal in Denmark back in 1989 and since then, Denmark has become one of the easiest places in the world for gay couples of all nationalities to get married. Legally there is no distinction between straight and LGBT couples.

Why not make your special day the most romantic of your entire life, by saying yes to your loved one whilst looking out over the Baltic? The ancient church of Gl. Højerup is open to everyone who wants a civil ceremony in Denmark and as a gay couple you will find it an easy and straight forward experience, which means you can just be left to enjoy the romance and the beautiful setting of Stevns Klint and Gl. Højerup Church.

Let us at Magical Weddings handle all the practicalities and make sure you get the right documents and legal forms for your marriage to be legitimate. We have lots of experience and will happily facilitate your gay marriage at the ancient church of Højerup. Don’t just come to get married in Denmark at the registrar’s office – make it truly romantic and unforgettable by tying the knot at one of Denmark’s most beautiful wedding locations.

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Foto: Mads Guldager